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Alaric is a mishchievous little boy. Try and talk to him, and his smile will instantly put you under his spell. A photo captures a moment in life. That moment starts following us from childhood and is transmitted down the line to the following generations. Be it analogue (as here) or digital, the photo captures the identity in that point in time. The joy of seeing a son or daughter's picture then morphs into that of showing our offspring our own baby pictures. Who has never heard a delighted: "Are you this baby, there, Dad?"  


Sometimes I like to leave digital behind and dive back into an analog atmosphere. From time to time I organise a little “oldie” session, just enough photos to capture some scenes in natural light and forget the obsession with absolute sharpness to give more space to the emotions. Also, it should be said that red hair is one of the qualities most sought after by photographers for its coppery reflections and its presence in the shots. Sabine plays the part in front of the lens for a rock session and then getting cosy by the stove.

Anaïs at the castle

To be a photographer is first and foremost to discover people, but also places and stories. During a wedding, I fell in love with a place with a rich and modern story. Its wealthy owner passed away in the 1980s and left behind enough money for the castle and its surrounding grounds to be kept in good condition. Nowadays, it is still under the care of a charity and time there seems to have stopped. The perfect environment for quirky pictures. This idea made its way into my head and so I went back 2 years later with Anaïs, who had just the profile to suit this place. Together, we encountered a different story: that of an elderly lady who had made and rented theatre and folk costumes all her life. Her house was a real treasure trove with thousands of outfits, hats, shoes and just as many accessories.